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Q: What's the difference between a Cost Centre Services (CCS) Licence and a Franchise? 

A: They're actually the same as you'll be investing in a national brand to operate a profitable business using the proven CCS business model. We prefer to use Licensed Senior Associate as we feel it represents a professional and well presented approach to our overall success. 

Q: What professional support have you had in developing the CCS Senior Associate licence?

A: CCS uses Leathes Prior, a well known and highly respected British Franchise Association (BFA) affiliated firm of lawyers.

We have also used The Franchise Company who are professional advisors to the franchise industry and are also (BFA) affiliated.

The CCS license is based on direct experiences of 4 franchisees previously held by Simon Binks

Q: How much does the licence cost?

A: A basic CCS Senior Associate Licence is £26,500+VAT and includes:

  • A licence to trade as a CCS branded office

  • Unlimited territory in England, Wales and Scotland

  • Initial training and ongoing support

  • CMC software

Depending on how quickly you want to grow your business CCS offers more advanced packages to suit the demands of ambitious Senior Associates.

Q: Is there any funding potential available?

A: There's the potential to receive financial assistance available through NatWest / RBS bank that specialise in Franchise financing...

"NatWest is pleased to provide advice and guidance to people considering the CCS Licence and where appropriate finance up to 70% of the set up costs, subject to credit assessment."

And Barclays are a possible source through contacts with CCS's commercial manager - please contact us> {linked} for more details

Q: Do I need any previous experience in the energy industry?

A: Because CCS teaches you everything you need to run a successful business as a Licensed Senior Associate you don't need any previous experience or industry knowledge to grow your business.

Although, if you're from a professional / financial / insurance services or sales background you could benefit from a database of contacts and networks you already have, but this is not essential to get started.

Q: How long does the training last?

A: The training with us at the CCS Head Office takes between 3 and 4 days depending on your level of understanding and is flexible to suit your individual learning within this time. Additional training of the Client Management Centre (CMC) software will take place over the phone to provide hands-on step by step guidance. Plus, you'll need an extra couple of days to fully familiarise yourself with the software, this is completed in your own time and can fit easily around other commitments. 

Q: Can I operate this from home 

A: Yes, this is a simple home based business. Virtually all your work is carried out at home using email, fax and the CMC software. Of course, it's important to develop relationships with clients, but this is achieved through high service levels and regular contact.

Q: How much support will I get from Head Office? 

A: As much support as you need. We've made the training comprehensive yet easy to understand and apply, so once trained and familiar with the CMC software you'll find your business is quite self sufficient. However, you can have confidence of receiving prompt and friendly support from CCS Head Office by phone or email when you need it.

Q: Can I operate a CCS license with a partner/friend?

A: Yes this is possible and we have two offices run this way. They work very well but it's not necessary as we'll teach you everything you need to run a flexible, profitable lucrative business to enjoy. 

Q: Will there will a lot of travel involved?

A: Where possible travel is kept to a minimum. A majority of your work is home based dealing with clients via email or over the phone. There may be times you feel it appropriate to visit clients and of course attending networking events can really help promote your business. But these are totally up to you and provide you with the flexibility to manage to suit your needs.

Q: Are you a member of any professional associations?

A: We belong to the Utility Intermediaries Association http://www.UIA.org.uk a Trade Association dedicated to improving service standards within the industry.  As Full Members we agree and operate the UIA Code of Practice providing clients with a redress scheme if they are ever dissatisfied with our services. And for client's peace of mind, we are also ISO 9001: 2008 registered.

We are proud to be members of the Approved Franchise Association (AFA) http://www.theafa.org.uk/ providing a new way forward for members through quality accreditation, the adoption of Ethical Franchising and the benefits of true partnerships. 

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