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 Discover How To Start This Lucrative Business Opportunity Helping Business Owners Manage And Reduce Their Energy Costs.

Working From Home Gives You A Flexible And Relaxed Lifestyl


With growing demand for energy saving solutions there could never be a better time for you to get started with this leading energy reduction business opportunity

Rising prices are having a significant effect on profit margins and business owners are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their bills and find more efficient ways to operate their business.

Most have considered or attempted to find ways to reduce their bills but find it too time consuming often with frustrating outcomes.

Cost Centre Services (CCS) are the Cost Reduction Experts and we specialise in finding the most efficient energy and cost reduction solutions for small and large businesses using our cutting edge software: the Client Management Centre (CMC) - perhaps the best software in the industry.

We understand the growing importance for business owners to take responsibility for ethical and environmental best practices and have proven experience in reducing their business costs and carbon footprint.

Because business owners don't have the time or available resources to commit to analysing energy bills and comparing prices offered by different energy suppliers, they want a reputable service they can trust.

That's why joining CCS as one of our Licensed Senior Associates could mean you running a flexible business earning you a great income by helping business owners reduce their energy costs.


Growing Demand For Cost Reduction Solutions

CCS Licensed Senior Associates are experiencing significant demand for their services which offers business owners a complete energy account management service including comprehensive analysis of all their energy bills and current costs. 

You can have confidence that around 95% of businesses that contact CCS go on to sign up with us because of the professional and specialist advice they receive. Most of the services are free to businesses as we earn fees from commissions and sharing refunds we find.

So you can see how easy it is for you to build an exciting, profitable and successful business as a CCS Licensed Senior Associate.


Invest In A Resilient Business

A CCS Licence is growing despite economic fluctuations because it provides business owners with a complete service to reduce their costs and make greater efficiencies in their business. With businesses wanting the best value from their energy suppliers CCS is exclusively positioned to provide this.


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becoming a CCS Licensed Senior Associate


Rising prices and cut backs have left many business owners with very limited resources and are looking to the reputable energy reduction specialists, CCS for help with:

  • Ensuring their current billing is correct

  • Better tariffs for their specific business usage

  • Identifying any unnecessary tariffs or charges

  • Opportunity to obtain refunds for past billing errors


As a CCS Licensed Senior Associate you'll directly benefit from the reputable relationships we have with over 23 registered suppliers, perhaps one of biggest portfolios in the UK.

We'll show you everything so you'll easily know exactly how to run this profitable business.


A Proven Business For Long Term Success

We've been helping business owners reduce their energy costs since 2000 and with many years experience in the industry you can have confidence you'll be investing in a proven business model providing businesses with much needed energy reduction solutions which is generating significant results for the growing number of CCS Licensed Senior Associates.

CCS was recognised by the industry in becoming a FINALIST in the INDEPENDENT ENERGY CONSULTANT Of The Year Award 2010. The judges voted us to second place.


Now You Can Join Them

So you can find out just how becoming a CCS Licensed Senior Associate can help you achieve your career and personal aspirations as well as provide business owners with professional energy reduction solutions then Click Here to receive more information on becoming a CCS Licensed Senior Associate.

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"We would have no hesitation in recommending CCS, especially
to others from a banking or
financial services background."

Michael Hall and
Gary Kennedy, CCS Newcastle upon Tyne



"The CMC (Client Management Centre) software allows you to concentrate on building your business and not have to worry about all the admin and accounting.

From my first meeting with CCS I knew it was good fit, they have a great track record and the amount of support they put behind their licencees is first class."

John Akehurst. CCS Brighton


NatWest is pleased to provide advice and guidance to people considering the CCS Licence and where appropriate finance up to 70% of the set up costs, subject to credit assessment.

To download application forms please:-

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"Cost Centre Services won SILVER in the SME business category at Britain's Best Business Awards 2012 held at Edinburgh Castle on 10th September. The awards are presented to companies that can demonstrate that they are setting high standards and achieving ambitious targets in their business performance."